Ukulele Lessons

Ukulele Lessons

Cathy (the founder of the Cape Cod Ukulele Group)  teaches all the lessons.

Lessons are taught online using Google Duo, contact cathy via email-


Levels for Cathy Group classes

Absolute Beginner– learn to tune, play C scale and simple 2 chord tunes, starts with F and C

Advanced Beginner– next step after Absolute Beginner- practice 3/4 chord songs, work on hand positions

Intermediate level– Next Step after you can play 3 and 4 chord songs, learn advanced chords, pull it all together.

Strumming class–¬† Works on Left hand positions, learning fingerpicking, and strumming patterns

The group is about having fun and playing good music, harmonicas, kazoos, train whistles, various noisemakers, general silliness, and fits of laughter occur at any practice or show. We have been described as Hee Haw but with ukuleles.

If you want to see what the group is all about, you are welcome to come and watch us play anytime. You will have fun guaranteed!

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